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tulips in milk vase

tulips, going crazy, in milk glass footed vase

azalea in silver spoon bud vase

azalea in silver spoon bud vase, a sweet treat found at Goldsborough Glynn Antiques in Kensington, MD

This year’s Spring seems to move as slowly as the glacier that was winter 2014, and I, for one, am going to be grateful for that.  So often the DC-area dives headlong into swamp-like summer after one or two picture perfect days.  This year, we creep and inch along in the chilly drizzle, still wobbly after such a cruel winter.

My Farming Friends all note the same slow and timid start on their flowers. Usually Mothers Day week marks the end of Tulips and the peak of Peonies.  This year, however, we have Tulips aplenty and Peonies….well, we’re just going to have to be patient.

Nonetheless, local lovelies are still abundant: we have plenty of lilies, ornigathalum (Star of Bethlehem) , poppies, ranunculus and, of course, tulips.  Flowering branch are still available and should be enjoyed and appreciated while we can.  Just like Mom (hint, hint).

lilies, tulips, ornigathalum

UUCSS altar flowers

Holding fast to the cheery chill, for as long as it’s here…


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