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Summer Play Time


We have been busy having fun.  So easy to do when your playmates (in this case, flowers from Red Chimney and Wollam Gardens and my flower plot @ Old City Farm and Guild) are up for anything.


Here, my friends sunflowers and celosia are playing dress up with croton leaves, ring around the posie and here we get dizzy playing ring around the posie….


More dress up as zinnias and dahlias are going all pretty princess.  zinnias in compote  Don’t tell Mom we used the good crystal! Old City Farm and Guild flowers @ Goldsborough Glynn



Here we have a little go-cart action with locally grown crocomosia and castor bean.  I thought this one had a groovy hot wheel racing vibe to it.  Must be the CastorOil (get it, castor beans = motor oil…no? Well, I guess you never spent your summer vacation on the in field a Formula One race track,huh? Thanks, Dad!  not my favorite summer vacation memory, but I did spend a lot of time picking clovers in the infield, so good for something. Still – vroom! Vroom!!!


Garden wise – The Old City Farm and Guild plot is coming along celosia dahlia  More Dahlias getting ready for up coming weddings; doing their thing and becoming the exact shade of buttercream and blush that I need (very thoughtful of them, really).  It may look like sweaty work, but the secret is that the bees are passed out from nectar sleeping bee (go home, Bee! You’re drunk!!!)  and organic vegetables are really quite silly. veggie face

Hope some silly floral and veggie fun is in your future too!


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