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Trail Treasures

the tall and the smallTHE Event of Takoma Park, the annual Troop 33 Pancake Supper: all the syrupy pancakey and sausagey goodness you can eat (vegan and gluten free options available, naturally),pancake close up AND local flowers with Trail Treasures on display.  queen anne's lace from comm. garden Dave's Rattle snake walking stickseascape lego manfossilCan YOU find, the bird’s nest, the fossilized leaf, Blue Jay feather, sea glass, the antler sheds and the solitary Lego Man?  They’re all in there somewhere…deer head

All items were found on camp outs and hiking trips from Maine to the Eastern Shore to the Smokey Mountains to Northern Arizona and back again to Takoma Park backyards.

massimotear down"dirty"Your Host, AlexanderJennifer and small greeterThe Scouts were all a hard working bunch of Waiters, Greeters, Dish Washers and Pancake Flippers.  Pancake Mama Anya and Karen and Scout Parents and this Year’s Pancake Momma, Anya, busted major pancake-batter coverd butt to serve up this dinner.  I love her plastic fork crown.  fyi, this picture was taken seconds before the stove caught on fire, but she handled that with aplomb. She is a marvel.

soaking wetMore than a little sillyness went on in the dishwashing area than is probably safe, but if an older Scout passed on an opportunity to hose down a younger Scout, you’d be worried, right?!  I mean, come on, how else are you going to get the pancake batter off?

IMG_4791IMG_4783IMG_4789It’s a great place to meet your neighbors (literally, those Ladies are my next door neighbors: Dana and Josie), and let toddlers run amok.  All part of the charm for a $5.00 dinner and a social event extraordinaire.  We can’t wait for next year. IMG_4825





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