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Do You Remember?

(sing it with me, Earth Wind and Fire fans and all you September Lovers…)

Do You Remember?

the (first weekend) of September? 

Vicki Grafton Photography

Vicki Grafton Photography_0012Vicki Grafton Photography_0004Vicki Grafton Photography_0044Vicki Grafton Photography_0003Vicki Grafton PhotographyLove was changing the mind of pretenders…


 Vicki Grafton Photography_0037Vicki Grafton Photography_0016

Vicki Grafton PhotographyVicki Grafton Photography_0017

 while chasing the clouds away…

our view - The Charles River in Ridge, MD - photo by Haley

Our hearts were ringing, 

Vicki Grafton Photography_0031in the key that our souls were singing…Vicki Grafton PhotographyVicki Grafton Photography_0023

Vicki Grafton Photography_0020

 as we danced in the night, remember,

Vicki Grafton Photography_0053

tent and clouds

photo by Michele Valeri

how the stars stole the night away…

hey! hey-hey-hey!


Many thanks for the memories, Ellery and Mike!

Thanks as well to their hosts at the Woodlawn B&B, Ridge MD, and Vicki Grafton Photography



  1. Erin OBrien says

    And thanks to ButterKup for providing the gorgeous flowers! Love that orange!

    Sent from my iPhone (301)675-8341

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