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The Perhaps Hand of Spring

IMG_6475Will Spring ever get here? Is it gone already? Was it ever so lovely? Was never a sky so blue or a garden so bursting? Gosh it’s hot. Wait…is that hail coming down now? Will it ever be normal again? Did you hear that? Did the tulips just explode?

tulip explosion It’s just such a mystery, Spring. How did it happen? It’s just so E.E. Cummings:

spring is like a perhaps

Hand in a window

(carefully to and fro moving New and

Old things,while

people stare carefully

moving a perhaps

fraction of flower here placing

an inch of air there)and

without breaking anything.

Nothing did break, but the hard working local growers surely did sweat bullets of worry; going from frozen ground and no flowers one minute to suddenly not having enough buckets to contain the explosion of flowers. IMG_6729

Suzanne Montie @ Red Chimney Flower Farm


Gerbers off to roaring start @ M and M Plants

IMG_6730 IMG_6748IMG_6815_2Which was a lucky thing for me and a few brides and birthday girls this past month.  IMG_6792

The Perhaps Hand of Spring reaches out to tickle us, then wrap us in an affectionate hug. Then when we’re not looking, it shoves us into the deep end of summer. Such a trickster, what a coquette – arriving late, evaporating early, leaving us in a perpetual state of puppy love. IMG_7250IMG_6427anemone in blue tinIMG_6985

But we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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