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Contain yourself

IMG_7643Well, now, really – who am I to ask YOU to contain YOURself. I’m the one a bit too coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs and containers these days. Although I do have a good excuse. ImageIMG_7648Spring has just burst into summer. Plants need homes. Porches and store fronts need make overs and garden patios need party clothes. Truly it’s a fine time to go a bit nuts.

IMG_7597IMG_7438Which is so easy to do, now that I have my plant guru Emily and her Montiego Bay Greenhouse as my de facto art supply closet, with her extensive palette of colors and textures and her petunias the size of young octopi. I did almost buckle in one riding shot gun with me to a garden party.


And then there’s the Happy Hunting Grounds of Community Forklift, which provides no end of inventive containers, columns, ornate iron work and crystal door knobs. IMG_7681IMG_7673These terra cotta chimneys will soon over flow with cherry tomato, asian eggplant and petunias.  Perfect for small gardens and inhospitable growing conditions.

IMG_7476A graduation party/family reunion was the perfect excuse for my friend Laura to spruce up her back yard. I was ever so thrilled to step in and give her new patio a cheerful party make over, one that would last her into a summer filled with al fresco dinners and humming bird watching. IMG_7474IMG_7659Image We settled on a vibrant purple, red and orange color scheme, positioned humming bird magnets like Mandevilla Vine and Petunias where they could be easily spied inside and out. IMG_7473We leaned heavily on her extensive collection of eclectic ephemera (she really does put me to shame) IMG_7662IMG_7660IMG_7661and we made good use of the only full sun site in an underused courtyard. IMG_7665

Soon honeysuckle with climb up the candelabras and up a formally blank wall outside, while inside an intriguing bit of eye candy beckons whenever they pass the dining room window.

Contain MYself? Not likely anytime soon. Hope you don’t either.


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