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atta girl

Allie and Peterthis is my kind of wedding:

colorful, kookie, with a high play quotient.

canal bridgeallie and maidscolorful bowling ballstossHeavy on the laughter and lilacs. An unapologetic dash of cigar and bowling shoes. Lots and lots of smiles.


bowling ballsWhen I met with Peter and Allie last year, they had only two themes in mind for their May wedding at Pinstripes in Georgetown: wine and fun. Kindred souls, clearly, this quickly became a mission close to my heart.

Even irreverent good times require a bit of homework to pull off. Investing in a wine bottle cutter, we learned the art of cutting wine bottle to make vases from the bottoms and candle votives from the top.winebottles wine cork slicingbrides maidswine cork boutonniereWe sliced wine corks into boutonnieres and brides maids accessories. We filled wine bottle boxes with herbs and gathered bunches of local spring flowers, including that most “abbondanza!” showstopper of them all: lilacs. IlilacscenterpieceImage 2Put it all together it became a kaleidoscope of good cheer. Pretty much like Allie and Peter themselves. kiss by the canal

“Cento di questi giorni”

thanks to RMN Photography for all the great captures!


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