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This Week in Flowers – Mid Summer


Over the Potomac and through the woods to MidSommar Farm we go, in search of dahlias and lisianthus for some lucky September and October brides.  IMG_8841IMG_8840Karen Gesa and her daughter gave me a tour of their adorable start up flower farm with its abundance of echinacea, cosmos, gomphrena, nicotinia, bells of ireland and herbs. IMG_8831 IMG_8829IMG_8832The Cardinal Basil is practically a flower in itself. And this Carmine Lisianthus – IMG_8833 just about killed me (note to my Jewel-tone October Bride – keep your pretty little fingers crossed!).  Karen gave me a bundle of delightful flowers with just two stems tuber rose and my entire mini-van became a perfume bottle on wheels. Felt like I was driving home from heaven…and, who knows? I may very well have been. IMG_8845

The farm name reminded me of the lull happens in mid summer, a peaceful little interlude IMG_8765where we can enjoy the last of the callas, glads and tuber roses before we dive head long into a heady harvest of dahlias, salvia and the lisianthus second-showing.  This year’s Dahlia growing season has been vexing for some growers, what with weirdly cool spring and then heaps of rain, which seems to have put things back a notch. But there really is no stopping a Dahlia. Stand back and hold on to your socks. They are about to be knocked off.IMG_8861


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