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arranging clouds

IMG_1948There is a stillness at the end of winter – a hesitation while the snow melts and the lawn heaves a bit from the thaw, like Mother Nature rolling over under a blanket of sod.

IMG_1593IMG_1922IMG_1945This breathlessness makes me think, for some reason, in white and green color palettes, of tentative new beginnings and tender young shoots. It’s like arranging clouds. Adding in crystals and silver only underscores that icy thrill.

Here’s a look at some of my end of winter projects – a hanging garden of hellebores, the last of the poinsettia and wee little baby fern heads, IMG_1786IMG_1789IMG_1796IMG_1898and an attempt at a curly willow spiral with pussy willow, pieris and chandelier crystals on a silver dish, filled out with ferns and succulents in hidden shot glasses of water. IMG_1849Hope you enjoy arranging some clouds.

***AND big thanks to Christine de Beer for her lovely curly willow spiral project – I attempted here in an altered form, wrapping a curly willow garland around two bottles, one clockwise and the other counter-clock wise. IMG_1737IMG_1838IMG_1852Her spiral is larger and more obviously graduated, so I recommend you follow her advice to the letter. But this, I think, was a fun first attempt. I love how it draws you in to see what’s inside.


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