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mud balls

a bit of Spring experimentation going on…


IMG_2387…these days with several new projects keeping me busy…I wish I could say out of trouble as well, but I have turned into a bit of a stealthy little Moss Bandit, decimating friend Laura’s backyard as I steal borrow a teeny bit of the gorgeous green velvet that grows behind her camelias.


IMG_2242 But all in a good cause as I had fun making little mud balls of joy. Kokedama is the Japanese word for moss ball and this “poor man’s bonsai” as it is often called is nothing more than an ingenious way to grow plants, no pot needed. They are happy sitting on a plate of rocks or suspended from the ceiling on fishing line or macrame – all the better to enjoy the plants distinctive shape. In Japan everything from herbs to trees are fair game. IMG_2267

I was lucky enough to learn the craft from our area’s best creative design team, Sarah and Shinki at Mimoza Design, who were kind enough to lend me a cup or two of akadama, the granular clay that helps the potting soil keep its shape. Amending the soil with peat allows the roots to breath and stay healthy. Finally, a robe of live moss really brings home the living breathing nature of these cuties (I promise Laura, I will fill in the divets in your yard).

IMG_2266And then no sooner had I wiped mud off my nose and pulled sphagnum moss from my hair than the thought occurred to me: “where is Grandma’s good silver?” I love the contrast of mud and moss and a really posh tea service. IMG_2269My moss balls have found a happy home at Goldsborough Glynn antiques in Kensington where they are displayed on miniature sterling loving cups, silver plate compotes and suspended in mid air. I’ll keep making them until the moss runs out. I hope you’ll come seem them and give them a good home!




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