Here are some shots from just a few of my flower design classes.  Over the past year, students and I delved into all kinds of interesting and challenging designs.

In the dead of last winter, we created a Winter Garden arrangement, using branches, mosses and lichens, along with the few hardy late winter blooming flowers to recreate a stark woodland landscape in an urn… 

Later in the Spring, we turned our attention to flower design of the Edwardian Era when we recreated flowers from set of Lady Mary’s wedding in Downton Abbey.  That class was so popular we had to hold it on two consecutive evenings… more details on that class, here: Downton Abbey Flowers

  and we’ve also done rustic picnic centerpieces using cedar boxes and vintage bottles…and natural botanical styles using ghost wood and unusual foliages.

Always a lot of creative fun.  Always a bottle or two of nice vino on hand.  An excellent way to spend an evening.  New classes opening soon!

We’ll keep you posted!



  1. Bonnie Schultze says

    Evergreens, dried elements, general fall winter arrangements – classes

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